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The idea of Uhlala Beachwear originated in summer 2010 during my visit at La Cinta Beach in Sardinia.

Everything was perfect- except for my bikini. It didn’t seem to have the perfect fit, what really annoyed me.

While I was talking about this to my friends, who felt just the same, one of them inspired me by simply asking: β€œSo why don’t you design your own bikini?” Just at this moment the idea was born.

So I started thinking: what does a perfect bikini consist of? What would every girl want? A sporty one, a lazy lying in the sun one, a swim one and of course not to forget the fashion one!

I spent the following weeks and months seeking not only for a great design, but also for a shape that fits every girl perfectly. This is why I decided to choose silicon stripes in the bra, a special feature which guarantees a unique and perfect fit. On top of that the neck holders can be taken off or switched if desired.

But not only can you switch your top- you can switch everything. I decided to sell every single part separately. This will not only give you the possibility of getting the proper size, which can often be a problem, but you will also have the chance of being creative yourself through combining different pieces and finding your own bikini- style.

What does the butterfly logo stand for?
To me the butterfly is not only just an animal. It goes through a long transformation; it changes, until one day it develops to become a beautiful and colourful butterfly.

I went through a lot of transformations in my life and had many changes, too. This is why I had them tattooed all over my body. Every single one stands for a period of my life or a special situation I hade to cope with. In the end it always led me to a new situation and a new beginning in my life. You can have a new beginning, too- by feeling better as ever in your perfect bikini!

Leshea Lewis
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